Thursday, 13 August 2009

50th Birthday Invites

This week I received an e-mail asking for some 50th birthday invites to be designed. The main aim for the invites was for them to be jazzy and modern as requested in the e-mail. After a number of layouts and color samples were sent out to the client, a decision was made for these ones to be pushed on to print. I was very happy with the outcome, as was the client.

Signpost Exhibiton

During my time in Scotland, I was lucky to find the Signspotting Project. This was an exhibition held in the centre of Edinburgh, which I planned on visiting for a long time. The funny signs made me think of the things I can do within my work. Maybe I can make some of my ideas funny with not to serious attitude towards it.

Guardian Advertising

As I was reading the Observer this past Sunday, I came across this advertisement for a seven series segment for the Second World War in the next couple of weeks in the Guardian. The use of colour is very good but what captured my eye was the illustrators use of the German Swastika. I found this piece of work fantastic and i was unfortunate not to find the illustrators name behind this piece.

Volkswagen Advertising

During the summer, one brief set was to produce a handbook. This was to record all idea's we had on the spot so in effect, we would not forget them when ready to note them down. I have to say, the idea for me is very useful. The things I walk past and see, the articles i read in newspapers are very inspiring. One thing that i was fond off was this plastic cellophane bag containing the Observers magazine.

It was not so much what was inside the bag that interested me, but what was on the outside. As i started to open it, i read closely the information in the bright yellow square. Before this, i generally thought it was your usual safety notice for children but as i noticed the Volkswagen logo, i decided to read on. The small piece of text refers to a segment of the film, American Beauty. I found this use of advertising was fun and witty.