Wednesday, 28 April 2010

One Hour YCN Bacardi Brief

While dealing with the FMP and the Metro D&AD brief in March, working on two projects at the same time was very challenging. Other class mates decided to enter competition briefs from D&AD and YCN and we all felt the pressure when dealing with the deadline but also generating ideas for the FMP. After my Metro work was printed, I felt relieved that the pressure of one project was gone and was happy to solely concentrate on my major project. After a few days, I realised that working under pressure can bring the best out of your capabilities. I felt motivated to look at some YCN briefs and possibly try to find a solution to a project of my choosing. I decided to see what results I would get with just an hours time for the
Bacardi brief. The task was to create some posters with a flirting appeal to the audience. I feel the final results are not good enough to consider going in my portfolio or in fact entering in the competition, but I felt trying to find a solution within such a short space of time helps improve your abilities within thinking and speed as a designer .

Monday, 26 April 2010

Typographic Solutions

While developing my FMP posters, I have been pushing my ideas towards creating images and shapes with type and producing a unique look to each idea. I had come across these typographic designs while researching a blog on the Internet called Abduzeedo. Besides posting different graphic solutions, the blog also had tutorials for software’s and ideas development.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Unwanted Clothes Advertisement

This past week, as I walked past a bin, I had noticed an interesting advertisement for unwanted clothing. I was surprised in myself to be engaged with this advert as I tend not to focus on such an area when walking through a busy environment. The look and style of this ad reminded me of the Metro project I had recently completed. I feel the copywriting is written well and the location of advertising the idea is very effective.

The Urbis Museum - Closed

As my FMP is focused around the National Football Museum moving to the Urbis in Manchester, I once again made a visit to the location for a better understanding of the features including the outside area, the landmarks passed from the public transport stations towards the Urbis and the style and structure of the building. The development for the museum has now begun and I feel my ideas will be interesting to compare when the museum opens.


Today while walking through Manchester town centre, I noticed this window display in an arts and crafts shop called Noise. I felt the strong vibrant colours and illustrated characters looked surreal but also fun to engage with. While visiting the website located at the bottom of the window, I was surprised to read the company represented designers from any age or background with advice on different ways to show your work in the industry. ''Noise is not your typical arts festival. It has no physical location; the central hub of activity takes place on the Noise website and across the media - print, television, radio and online - making it the first 'virtual' festival of its kind in Europe''. I look forward to receiving their newsletter and hope to gain some knowledge and help from Noise in the future.

Dave Sedgwick

Today I made a visit to Dave Sedgwick at design agency 999. I was looking forward to his opinion on my work as I had made a great deal of changes towards my portfolio. As I arrived, we instantly began to discuss my work and the areas which Dave felt needed improvement. As I presented the Ringo Starr piece, Dave felt the colours and shape of the portrait was strong and vibrant. One change I had made for this visit was documenting my creative process of the oil print and showing this in the portfolio spread. This helped greatly as Dave fully understood the process within the design. He suggested that to take the project further, I should think about making three other prints involving the other band members of the Beatles to make a strong advertising campaign.

As we discussed the Guggenheim end sting, Dave felt the flicker book was a great way of communicating the idea. One project I had worked on over the Easter holidays was the New York Bowling logo completed last year within a group. As each member was eligible to take the brief further in our own way, I had produced some guerrilla advertising involving a bus stop creating a campaign with the logo. Dave felt the idea was fun but asked if their was many bus stops in New York. He then suggested that I may think about using the idea in the Subway. We discussed the one minute briefs and the new Ping Pong packaging I had done recently. He felt the art work was neatly finished and felt the presentation was strong and professional. Dave did however question the use of lines on the box. He suggested that recording the movement of three different real life games with the movement of the ball then incorporate that within my design would show each piece of packaging have a different style representing a real life game.

As we moved on to the Metro project, I explained the creative process within my first idea to the finished entered in D&AD. After discussing some failed ideas and how I felt certain areas didn't work, he felt the illustrated arrows and the names of each destination worked best. Dave felt changing the type to a more illustrative style and reducing the amount of arrows may communicate the idea better. We moved on to the BBC project which I had also worked on during the Easter period. I had combined the two booklets together and made the document size A6 for the consumer to place in their back pocket so the booklet can be with them on the move. As I explained this to Dave, he fully approved the changes and felt the illustrations was a great way of designing the layout.

I was anticipating Dave's thoughts on my FMP and the stage with my advertising campaign. As I currently develop my ideas within the project, he felt I am worrying to much on how the posters look. He advised that I should stop trying new ideas and stick to my original plan of communication regarding a past idea I had moved on from and recently developed more of. As I shown Dave more development work, he was happy to see my thinking process and research I had explored. He advised that I should now concentrate on making the posters look strong and also think about making the project as big as I can. Designing a flyer, shopping bag and signage were some of the things Dave suggested I should explore. As the visit came to an end, Dave was eager for me to send my finished ideas in the future.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Paul Rand Typography

As my Journal was completed this past January, I had looked at the work of Paul Rand and researched his history. I enjoyed his thinking and creative process greatly and recently, I had noticed some type posters on Creative Review blog. The use of space and colour is neatly designed and I plan to use this element within my ideas in the future.

Umbro Poster

While researching more design work involving football, I had come across a designer who had recently left Love Creative, former creative director Rory Sutherland. He now freelances but on his website, shows past work with the agencies he has worked for. I had noticed some Umbro designs for a booklet and poster Rory and Ste Owen had designed in 2009. I had discussed this project with Ste in the past and while generating new ideas and progressing further with my FMP project, this is a great piece of research towards generating new ideas to what I already have.

True North Posters

While researching past agencies which had held talks over the past two years, I came across some nice typographical posters designed by True North for a printers company. I mostly like how True North has changed each typeface for each poster. I plan to use this element within my posters and look forward to the results.

Manchester City Advertising

I have recently been working on my advertising campaign for my FMP involving football kits and using the elements and features of the shirt. I have begun to feel slightly frustrated with the stage I am currently at due to the art direction the posters are going. I had decided to once again, step away from the design area and look at other campaigns involving football what design agencies are currently doing. After searching the Internet, the Creative Review blog had posted all Music’s Manchester City posters. This past weekend, I had noticed the Carlos Tevez design in the newspaper and remember feeling emotionally intrigued due to my love of the sport and the recent game coming up. One element I wish to execute is to engage the audience with my ideas like these posters. I feel the illustration and use of typography is executed greatly and I plan to explore these methods with my ideas.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Mick Greer

Today, copy writer Mick Greer came along for a talk about the next steps when graduating. Mick completed a HND graphic design at Blackburn with my tutor Guy Lawrence then attended The School of Communication Arts in London for a year. The talk was greatly useful but also different in reflection to other lectures I had attended in the past. Mick decided not to talk through his work and was more interested explaining the fine details of the next steps a graduate may consider after leaving university. Mick advised that contacting designers and building up a healthy relationship with not just one, but a number of agencies at the same time was vital as knowing people in the industry and having the opportunity of talking through your work helps greatly when maturing as a designer.

Contacting agencies with some direct mail always helps promote yourself as a designer. Many people tend to contact agencies via e-mail but very little put together a sample of work to send out in the post. Mick advised that doing this shows a determination and a unique impression to what type of person you are and how well you want to achieve within the industry. Placements was an interesting topic Mick discussed. As he questioned all the students if we had any placements in the past or have any planned for the near future, a silence drove Mick to explain the importance of gaining experience within a design studio.

Getting your first job when graduating may not be so rewarding as Mick described the jobs no one wishes to do within the agency, you are normally left doing. He advised that you should feel good about being involved with a design team whatever task you have. You should have a drive and determination knowing you are part of the creative industry whatever role you play. Gradually, your hard work will pay off and within time, you will be considered greatly as an important member of the team. Mick explained that this was his experience when getting his first job and after his fellow colleges in the design industry and discussed with him, they had a similar background.

Book Collection Continued

I once again purchased some new books to add to my collection. I had come across some of these design guides recommended by Amazon within the last few months but was unsure if I would get any use out of them. After throughly going through A Smile in the Mind while developing my logo for the FMP, I felt this particular book would be a great addition. I look forward to receiving the D&AD annual and the rest of the books currently in transmission.

Manchester City Advertising

As my progression on the FMP moves forward, I have reached the stage of creating an advertising campaign for the museum. I have once again been exploring typography and copy writing similar to the Metro project. After generating a number of ideas, I am now happy to push a concept involving quotations further. I had noticed some more Manchester City adverts by design studio Music. I feel the use of image and text works well together and the action or pose within the photograph relates to the text cleverly.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Sarah Parker

While arranging a portfolio visit before travelling to London, I contacted design studio The London Branch. I was lucky to speak to Paul Fox, the creative director. He explained that I should contact a week before I travel due to the agencies busy schedule. He also advised that I should send over a sample of projects for himself and his fellow designers to evaluate and get a good understanding of my work. As I called again nearer the time of my trip, Paul unfortunately said he and the studio was to busy and I should think about contacting them another time I visit London. After arriving home, I had a response from senior designer Sarah Parker. She evaluated my projects I had was very positive about my Ringo Starr piece. Sarah advised that when e mailing work, always have your contact details within the pdf as agencies tend to delete your e mail and not store your address. Shara has said I can send over projects and ideas as they develop to get her opinion and advice in the future.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Lino Cuts

I was recently looking through some old work and came across some lino cut outs I had carved around four years ago. I remember the prints looking great every time I used the lino but after a number of goes, the wear and tear was beginning to show with cracks in the design. I have noticed that after some years of being stored, it has become more stronger. I plan to make some new prints and see where I can take the results. Something similar to the Ringo Starr project would be interesting.

Manchester City Advertising

Within my research for the FMP, I tend to use Music's Manchester City advertisements as a great source to learn copy writing and creative artwork for my ideas. I was aware of Music's football work for sometime and greatly appreciated the fine detail in the poster of City player Emmanuel Adebayorr. When discussing this with Craig Oldham around early October, he explained that Music was asked to design a number of posters for some games. The reason behind using Adebayorr as a concept was that the upcoming game being advertised was against Arsenal, the players former club. Craig decided to design a poster with the subjects which the fans and media were discussing around the time of the fixture. Taking the project further and using some vinyl on the floor of the Manchester Arndale shopping centre directly outside the clubs souvenir store worked greatly. Very similar to my approach with the class illustrated design, but much more effective and well executed.

Print & Pattern by Bowie Style

As a member of Facebook, I recently became a fan of Lawrence King Publishing and while checking my messages, I had noticed a post about a review on a newly published book called Print & Pattern by Bowie Style. As I looked further, I had noticed that some of the designs on the post had a similar theory to what I was trying to conquer with my psychedelic illustrated type with the class names. The shapes and caricatures featured on this design works greatly. The curves and scale of each illustrative drawing fits preciously. I hope to one day apply my ideas in a similar fashion.

Lauren Moriarty

I recently contacted Lauren M
oriarty thanking her for the recent talk she had given some weeks ago. As I decided to focus my comparison report around her decisions when graduating, I felt she may like to read my post. I was intrigued to see what Lauren may think as when practitioners give me feedback or advice on my work, I find it interesting that they have taken the time to look at something you have done. Lauren felt my report was good to read and asked if she may post a link of my blog on her website. I felt honoured and look forward to asking Lauren further questions regrading the next steps when graduating.

Gatorade Advertising

As a football fan myself, I felt I had already new a great deal about the game but after reading books, browsing blogs and also visiting museums, I was surprised to realise how much their is to learn. At this moment in time, I feel confident with the logo and stationary I have produced for my FMP and I now plan to concentrate on an advertising campaign. I noticed some adverts for sports drink gatorade and felt how this has been executed brilliantly. As I focus on football memories, these adverts highlight a sporting historical moment with a funny, unique twist using a child's face in place of the famous athlete. I would like to add a funny, entertaining theme to my idea but most importantly, make people get up and visit the museum.