Sunday, 11 July 2010

Litter Bus Stop Advert

I have decided to carry on working towards my project with the National Football Museum by thinking of new ways to promote and advertise the venue. I had come across this ad to indicate how much rubbish is dropped around one single area. The clever usage of garbage which piles up in the bus stop communicates a strong message with the audience greatly that if no one had cleaned the mess up, the area would be very untidy.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Wedding Anniversary

A few weeks ago, my auntie and uncle had asked for me to design something what I felt represented them for their wedding anniversary. As I calmly took my time before the three week deadline, I wanted to design something which would last for long time but also have something special within their hearts. As the family are very close, I began to analyse how my auntie and uncles relationship reflected within the time I have known them, which is all my life. As I thought more around this area, it had become clear to me memories were always something they were passionate about. I decided to use images which clearly had a story or memory which were in their hearts. I designed a layout, used a greyscale feature in Photoshop plus some gradient applications and a few other tools in the software and printed the A2 document as a whole image on canvas. I was thrilled to know they loved it and my auntie actually cried. I felt very honoured.


I received my degree results a few weeks ago and was happy to see my mark as a Two, One. Although results have very little meaning within the design industry due to the structure and class of your portfolio, having a grade such as this will look great on my CV if my life may turn towards another direction in the future. I would like to think this will not be the case as my passion and love of design becomes stronger but if so, I feel confident within myself to approach the next stage in my career.

Save The Date Birthday Cards

I was recently approached by my sister to design some Save the Date cards for her daughters 18th Birthday Party. As this was a brief I had never really done before, I decided to incorporate the one minute brief method to see what ideas I could come up with. After a number of ideas, I remember hearing the question, What do you do before part B? After thinking about the question, I was greatly impressed with the fact I had to think about the answer to get the message, which in many cases is normal but this had a unique twist to it. As the answer is Part A, changing the message to another area sends out a completely different message which works greatly. I began to use this idea for the cards and feel happy with the design. I decided to use a business card which was double sided. As well as designing for this project, I once again dealt with the printers and it was very useful to get the experience.