Friday, 27 February 2009

Identity Logo brief

As the identity brief has now come to an end, I feel really happy with the outcome of the work. Our task was to pick a random event and location then put them together to create a logo and identity for this. My first impressions of the event and location we chose was not great but after some time, I was able to adapt to the idea strongly.

At the start of the brief I was looking forward to the challenge of working with other people and getting a good idea on what it would be like to have a level of communication within a group. As the four members were announced, I felt comfortable with who I was pared with. I was not familiar with how each of the other three members worked but was eager to correspond and help them as much as I could. As we first sat down to discuss the brief, I felt like there was a lack of control over the roles we would play within the group. Decision-making seemed to be the hardest task for us to take on and this began to show in our work a couple of days after.

Our first mock presentation was due and our preparation as a group was dismal. The work we produced and the idea’s we presented was poor and the feedback we got was very negative. In some way, I feel this was a small push towards the level we should be at and not where we were. From here we grew together as a group and began to communicate via email, text message and phone calls if we were not in college together. We also began to be honest with each idea every one of us had. If one of us didn’t agree or dislike it then this would be brought up and discussed.

I felt at the start of the brief the enjoyment was minimal but as the group grew stronger, the benefits of working with other people began to show in the work we all were producing. The most I have learnt throughout this brief is to understand each individual and try to take in there idea’s and look at all the possibilities for them to function and if not, try to come to an agreement so no one is insulted or be treated differently. Being in a group means working as a team and coming together to reach deadlines, preparing presentations and all being on the same mind frame on what needs to be done. I feel that the outcome of the work produced and the presentation we delivered was very satisfying from the level we were at as a group at the start of the project.

Friday, 20 February 2009

Identity Faces

Alongside the identity brief, our group was set a separate brief to create a simple design for a logo. We were assigned a fellow class member, and our task was to produce a representation of their features with the aim to make them as minimal as possible. Also we were asked to design our own face using the same methods.


After the winter break, I have been mainly working on logo design. My new brief is to work as part of a team and produce an identity for an event and location. After all our ideas are narrowed down, we then present/pitch the idea’s to tutor’s from other pathways of design. During the course of the brief, it is vital to advertise the company whatever it may be. Here, I have found some useful advertisements, which looks cleverly applied. The use of the trucks space on the trailer is used to full effect and I would like to apply this method to my work in the current brief at the moment, but also in future projects.

Monday, 9 February 2009

Ping Pong Competition Brief YCN (Butterfly)

While the degree was approaching the Christmas period, we were given the opportunity to take on briefs set by real life companies. I had a choice of four different one’s and decided to go for something I have never really done before. The object of the brief was to make Ping Pong more appealing. As the sports leading brand in equipment set the brief (Butterfly), they wanted the sport to grow and get more popular. In reality the audience of the brief was set for the likes of myself as the target age was around 18 to 35 year old's. At first, I decided to research the sport and look into the type of people who play the sport. I wanted to know what drives them to get up and play. I also wanted to see the possibilities of fitting ping Pong into my lifestyle.

I first decided to watch a game of Ping Pong at the local sports centre. I have to admit, I wasn’t overly keen on taking this activity up. The game seemed to laid back and boring. I brought the matter up in a team meeting while discussing our progress in our work during lesson. My tutor insisted on me to stop watching and start playing to know the real feel of the sport. I did this and it changed my opinion on the sport totally. I felt after playing I understood the brief more. It seemed to me like it was back and fourth all the time. After this, my ideas were flowing and I wanted to run with every idea.

The idea at the moment is using the back and fourth, fast paste style applied on a series of posters. This design hopefully will work on a number of applications. My original idea for this was to have a film in some way where the lines go back and fourth making the poster as you see it now. No doubt changes will be made but I feel it’s a good starting point towards the brief.