Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Rick Klesewetter

A talk was held at the Truman Brewery from designer/comedian Rick Klesewetter. He was once a designer at
McCann Erickson but left to be freelancer. When leaving, he created some fantastic stationary, which won him a number of awards. His talk was very funny but also inspiring. Rick is very high within the advertising industry and some of his work stands out a great deal. One piece was the Virgin interactive add, which targeted individuals who walked past the moving screen in Liverpool. Rick explained that involving humour within your ideas is always a positive tool to use. He explained that when your work is personal, it's different to most ideas what have already been done or is currently being designed. One particular message I was greatly impressed with was when he began to talk about beginning a project. He explained 'Don’t start from an empty page, start with an idea. Good design and advertising is about surprise/wit for me''. I have contacted Rick a few times with my work and he is very helpful and inspiring on advertising and design.

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